Irene and Maynard Webb

We value lifelong learning as a family and developing as a  Foundation Board.    We strive to continue to learn and grow in our philanthropy journey. As such, we seek to continually improve the impact of our grantmaking.


“We would like to make a difference in the world, not by having buildings named for us, but by having helped people be solid citizens who themselves make a difference in the world.”

Maynard is a 30-year veteran of the technology industry. He previously served as the COO for eBay and CEO of LiveOps. He is a board member at, Visa and the Chairman at Yahoo!. He is also the founder of the Webb Investment Network, a family investment firm dedicated to nurturing entrepreneurs, and co-founder of Everwise, a company reinventing the concept of workplace mentorship. Leveraging these experiences, Maynard authored New York Times Bestseller “Rebooting Work: Transform How You Work in the Age of Entrepreneurship,” where he provides the tools to become the CEO of your own destiny in today’s modern age.

Irene began her career in IT and Finance with IBM and Quantum Corporation.  She chose to stay home when their children reached elementary school in order to be a more active participant in their daily lives.  She continues to have a very fulfilling life, which includes active roles in the Webb Investment Network and the Foundation.  She also runs the family office.

Through their Foundation, The Webbs wish to extend opportunities to others.

“We think the world is an unfair place. We would like to see every individual (regardless of their circumstances) have an opportunity to reach their potential.”