About Us

Our Founders’ Story

We are thrilled to have the chance to return some of the kindness people have shown us, and our family, through the years. Neither of us grew up privileged — Irene’s father was a court attendant and her mother had to supplement the family income by working as an accounting clerk. Maynard’s father died young, leaving his mother to raise five children on a science teacher’s salary.

We have both worked incredibly hard to get where we are — Irene completed college and graduate school by working and earning scholarships, entering IBM upon graduation. After college, Maynard joined IBM with an entry-level position.  We both had success at IBM, married, had our children, moved all over the country and eventually settled in California.  Life was not always easy, but together we have a great partnership.  We always dreamed big and willingly took on life and career challenges, without sacrificing our value system or forgetting our roots.

Neither of us would be anywhere without the help of countless individuals who have inspired and guided us through the years. We are forever grateful for their support and belief in us.

It is with a spirit of humbleness and gratitude that we now contribute to  non-profit organizations we believe in.

–    Irene and Maynard Webb