About Us

Our Values

We believe in Self-Determination.

  • We are guided by Irene’s parent’s motto that people should work to better themselves. Our greatest wish is to empower people to make a difference in the world, regardless of their starting points. We are most inspired by those who – through their indomitable positive attitude – do not let their challenging circumstances limit their dreams or hinder their quest to fulfill their own destinies. We hope to encourage them to dream bigger and learn that it is possible to achieve more than ever imagined.

We believe in Meritocracy.

  • We believe that through hard work, determination, and a great attitude anything is achievable.   We think that in areas of life it is best if individuals develop the skills and attributes required to be self-sufficient.   We understand that not everyone starts out with the same advantages.  Our main mission is to provide a helping hand to people who, in spite of their circumstances, refuse to accept their fate.

We believe in Human Potential.

  • There is more in all of us.  When people have hope, skills and a fair chance, they often achieve more than society might believe possible. Our Foundation will help underprivileged young people take control of their lives. To that end, we support self-starters and those who would become self-starters if given the slightest help.

We believe in the virtuous benefits of Giving Back.

  • We sincerely appreciate and value all the organizations and individuals who helped us along our way. We are grateful that we can now assist others in need, in honor of the people who supported us. It is our unabashed hope that as our donor recipients begin to make a difference, they too will be similarly inspired to help others.

We value lifelong learning as a family and developing as a Foundation Board.

We strive to continue to learn and grow in our philanthropy journey. As such, we seek to continually improve the impact of our grantmaking.