Suzanne Hammer

Foundation Director

Suzanne Hammer oversees the governance, management, and grantmaking of the Webb Family Foundation. As the founder of Hammer & Associates, a global philanthropy advisory firm based in the Denver, Colorado area, Suzanne has worked with both large and small family foundations, family offices, and enterprises for 15+ years. She has launched and managed private foundations and corporate giving programs; facilitated impactful strategy, governance, and grantmaking; led processes to capture family values and legacy, and engage the next generation; and connected funders in strengthening the communities and issues they care about.

Suzanne co-produced Philanthropy in the Family Office: A Global Perspective, and has produced a series of toolkits for family offices called EngagedPhilanthropyTM: A Family Office Guide to Meaningful Giving, including Laying the Groundwork; Balancing Passion and Strategy; Making the Most of Family Dynamics; and International Giving.

Suzanne is a dedicated Rotarian and a backcountry skier who has polar-plunged into the icy waters of Antarctica (three times!) and lived to tell the tale. Speaking nationally and internationally, Suzanne takes a warm, sincere approach in sharing lessons learned as she guides others toward practicing philanthropy that is both meaningful and measurable. Reach Suzanne at or via LinkedIn.

Stephanie Hill, M.A.

Operations & Systems Manager

Stephanie is an administrator and bookkeeper who bolsters the work of foundations and nonprofits in Denver, as well as internationally. She started working in the nonprofit sector twelve years ago when, by happenstance, she sat next to the founder of a nonprofit who needed help managing the day-to-day operations of the organization. Stephanie was hired and built out their donor management system and more—taking the organization to the next level in systems and sophistication.

Today, Stephanie works closely with the Webb Family Foundation and other clients through Hammer & Associates, giving families accurate, reliable, and timely support, freeing them up to focus more on their philanthropic missions. She manages organizational details such as bookkeeping and reporting, donor and contact databases, donor acknowledgements, and website maintenance. Her work has supported organizations such as IPODERAC in Mexico, Freshwater Project International in Malawi, and several Denver-based Estate Planning Councils. She has a Master’s in Development Practice from Regis University and a B.S. in International Business from the University of Colorado at Denver. Stephanie has lived and worked in Taiwan, Antarctica, and Mexico. Reach Stephanie via LinkedIn.


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