Process and Timeline

New applications and grant renewals are considered yearly for potential support. The foundation hosts one grant cycle per year. Both new considerations and grant renewals are evaluated together to identify the most outstanding organizations in the same cycle.

The Webb Family Foundation is no longer accepting LOIs for the 2023 docket. Please review our grant guidelines and check back with us in early 2024 if you qualify.

Phase I
Date Icons Nov to May
Icon Identify

Identify Organizations

(November, December)

We proactively identify organizations that are aligned with our standards and meet our grant guidelines. We rarely fund unsolicited proposals.

We find organizations through various channels such as referrals from other foundations and philanthropists, funders groups, industry research, thought leaders, and conferences.

Icon Introduce

Introduce your Organization

(January, February)

Very few unsolicited applications are selected for funding. Before contacting the foundation, we recommend organizations carefully read our grant guidelines. Organizations that meet our guidelines are welcome to send an email to that includes the organization’s geographic location, mission, and brief rationale around alignment with the Webb Family Foundation funding priorities.

Icon Solicit

Solicit a Letter of Inquiry

(March, April)

The Foundation team will review organizations for alignment. If there is alignment with Foundation goals, then you will be invited to submit a Letter of Inquiry. We evaluate organizations based on:

  1. Mission, strategy, and programming
  2. Targeted constituency
  3. Organizational capacity
  4. Impact

Those organizations that best align with the Foundation’s goals will be presented to the Board for review.

Icon Board Meeting

Board Meeting


In May, the Board convenes to consider all recommended Letters of Inquiry received and finalize which organizations are invited to submit a grant application.

Icon Board Meeting Follow Up

Board Meeting Follow-Up


Directly following the Board meeting, all organizations will be informed of their status – either moving to application stage or LOI declination.

  • Those organizations moving to the application stage will be provided a link to apply and the associated timeline.
  • Those organizations not invited to submit a full application must wait at least 18 months to be considered again.
Phase II
Date Icons June to Oct
Icon Identify

Conduct Due Diligence

(June, July, August, September)

After completed applications are received, we will reach out to applicants with follow-up questions. This may include a virtual or phone meeting, or a site visit. Each organization will be more thoroughly evaluated on the categories listed in Phase I and on organizational operations.

Icon Board Meeting

Board Meeting


In October, the Board will convene to finalize granting decisions. The number of grants and grant amounts vary year-to-year.

Icon Board Meeting Follow Up

Board Meeting Follow-Up


Directly following the Board meeting, all organizations will be informed of their application status. Those organizations awarded a grant will be asked to review and sign a grant agreement and provide wire information for funds transfer.

Phase III

If selected for a grant, welcome to the family!!

Throughout the year, we will be in contact with you to learn about the updates and impacts your organization is achieving. We’ll reach out to you prior to the May Board meeting, and require reports in July (interim report) and the following February (final report).