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Breakthrough Collaborative

Breakthrough 3Founded in San Francisco 35 years ago, Breakthrough Collaborative is a national non-profit committed to improving educational outcomes for high-potential, low-income middle- and high-school students; increasing the quality, quantity and diversity of young people entering the field of education; and advancing the movement through educational partners to ensure that every student has equal chance at a great education.

Since 1978, we have served over 40,000 middle, high-school, and college students across the US. Today, Breakthrough operates 34 sites in 25 cities.

Breakthrough 2At the core of Breakthrough’s work is a students-teaching-students model in which Intern Teachers — outstanding high-school and college students — teach and advise underserved, middle-school students during multiple six-week academically rigorous summer sessions. Instructional Coaches — professional educators drawn from public and private schools across the country — supervise and guide our Intern Teachers as they embark on their first steps as educators.

Breakthrough 1In our intensive, three-year program, rising seventh and eighth graders complete two six-week summer sessions of rigorous academic programming before transitioning into a third, six-week leadership development program as they enter high school. The summer session provides an additional 240 hours of instruction to our students in classes as low as four to six students.

At Breakthrough, we envision a day when income, place of birth, or ethnicity do not determine what a motivated student can accomplish, a day when educational opportunities and quality teachers are accessible to every student.