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College Track

College Track empowers students from underserved communities to reach their dreams of a college degree through a proven model of college preparation and completion services. The result of these supports is a college graduation rate that is 2.5 times what the research predicts – effectively neutralizing the impact of class on these scholars’ chances of college success.      

If there’s one thing we’ve learned in 17 years of supporting students’ efforts to graduate from college, it’s that real transformation requires real commitment. What kind of commitment? The entire high school and college experience. It’s a lot to ask. It’s a big investment of time, effort and hope. And yet, our students have turned our 10-year investment into outstanding results, graduating from a four-year college or university at two and a half times their low-income peers.

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By providing the tools, the guidance, and the kind of support you’d expect from a second family, we’ve become far more than just a college prep program. And by approaching each student’s experience individually and holistically, we’ve seen the impact even just one college degree can have as it ripples out to affect the lives of others.

Photo Courtesy of Drew Altizer

That’s why we’re on a mission to work with schools to foster a college-going mentality and dramatically increase the number of college graduates from underserved communities across the country. Because we know that as individual College Track alumni leave their campuses, they do so not just as graduates, but also as the new standard for their friends, families, and communities.