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Silicon Valley Children’s Fund

There are approximately 100,000 foster youth in California who have been removed from their families following physical or sexual abuse or neglect. The enormity of this is tragic.

The cost to these children and society is extraordinary. Without a better education, approximately

25% will be homeless,
33% will be in jail,
33% will be on welfare, and
50% will be unemployed.

Compared to their peers, foster youth are:

60% more likely to perform below grade level
33% more likely to be held back in school
46% more likely to drop out of high school

The Silicon Valley Children’s Fund improves the lives of California’s foster children through education, giving them the opportunity for a bright future. To thrive and succeed children need consistency, attention and an education. SVCF provides these essentials, helping their clients establish life goals and academic success.

Although 80% of foster kids want to go to college, only 3% actually go. This is the lowest college success rate of any measured demographic. In contrast, 90% of SVCF kids finish high school and 30% go to college (10 times the national average).

The Webb Family Foundation is moved and inspired by the work of the Silicon Valley Children’s Fund, and is honored to support their work.

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