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Ten KIPP schools in the Bay Area are closing the achievement gap and proving that demography does not define destiny. In these schools, approximately 3,200 students are being prepared for success in college and the competitive world beyond.

KIPP schools are tuition-free, open-enrollment, college-preparatory charter schools located in underserved neighborhoods in San Francisco, East San Jose, San Lorenzo, West Oakland, and soon to be Redwood City. Of the students KIPP Bay Area Schools serves, 77 percent were low-income and 95 percent are students of color. To date, 84 percent of KIPP students have matriculated to college, compared to the national average of 40 percent for students in low-income communities.

LaJon Survillion, a teacher at KIPP Bayview Academy in San Francisco, working with one of his bright, high-potential middle school students.
KIPP Alum at college

KIPP schools offer more time in school for academics and enrichment; a safe and structured learning environment; character development to build life skills such as leadership and critical thinking; and support to and through college. Every day, the collective efforts of students, families, and staff across KIPP Bay Area Schools prove the possible: that public schools in low-income communities can prepare all students for success in college and the competitive world beyond.

KIPP is a national network of 162 tuition-free, open-enrollment, public charter schools in 20 states and Washington, D.C. serving almost 60,000 students.