Mission, Vision, Values

An aerial view of a multi ethnic group of children learn about going green and color in environmentally friendly concepts surrounding a drawing of Earth.


The Webb Family Foundation supports education, health, and sustainability as a path toward helping people persevere and the planet thrive. We leverage the full assets of the Foundation to amplify our impact.


We envision a world where humans can reach their greatest potential and wellbeing in harmony with the planet. Our family foundation strives for meaningful impact with our partners, and is a source of joy, fun, and inspiration for our family across generations.

Group of people holding a world globe outdoors



We do what we say and say what we do. We are open and honest with each other, the community, and our partners. We build mutual trust and respect, act in alignment with our values, and work together for the greater good. We believe that through hard work, determination, and a great attitude anything is possible.


We are a family that believes relationships are everything. We celebrate our differences and support each other in our respective passions. We listen, learn, and have fun together, instilling joy and humor into everything we do—and we put in the hard work to make this possible. Recognizing that we are interconnected, we treat all beings and the planet with dignity, respect, and care. We all thrive when everyone has the opportunity to live into their potential.

Courageous Leadership

We recognize courage in those who lead organizations, as well as those who show leadership in their own lives—rising to challenges with resoluteness and resiliency. We aim to create opportunities and possibilities that didn’t exist before, and motivate and mentor others to do and be their best, with the hope that they too will one day give back.


We value the capacity to inspire new and creative ways of doing things, and breaking out from what’s been done before. We ask bold questions, are willing to experiment and take risks, and practice deep listening so that we can be open to new ideas and solutions. We acknowledge that we don’t know what we don’t know, and remain committed to learning new things and adjusting our course.


We live and give in service to a longer timeline—for the future generations of our family and for the preservation of our planet. We aim to continually better ourselves and our human systems, using resources wisely so they are available in the future. Moreover, we support sustainability in organizations so that they may survive and thrive over the long term.

Greater Purpose

We each have a purpose for how we spend our time on earth. We find inspiration and meaning in something greater than ourselves, and act in humility and generosity. We live in appreciation and awe of our human potential and the impact we can make.