Funding: Sustainability

The Webb Family Foundation began funding solutions to sustainability issues in 2022. We believe that humans and the natural world can thrive – together. In 2022, our funding has been focused on sea otters, kelp ecosystems, and wildlife crossing and wildlands preservation in our backyard.

The Webb Family Foundation is no longer accepting LOIs for the 2023 docket. Please review our grant guidelines and check back with us in early 2024 if you qualify.

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We believe sustainability is only achieved when both humans and the natural world can thrive, and are inspired by how people can use their hearts, minds, and hands as stewards. At the Webb Family Foundation, we are currently interested in supporting areas where natural carbon capture (to reverse climate change) can also support healthy ecosystems—and vice-versa.

"Helping humanity become more sustainable is one of the most urgent, complicated, and exciting challenges today. "


Priority 1

Reintroduce and support sea otters, a keystone species that contributes to kelp reforestation and ocean health, across their historic habitat from Baja California through Alaska.

We support organizations and research that supports sea otter repopulation, restoration, and health. We also support organizations and projects dedicated to kelp reforestation, through targeted urchin removal, reintroducing sunflower sea stars, kelp seeding, and more.

Priority 2

Wildlife and wildlands across North America are protected and connected as a way to sustain biodiversity, increase climate resilience, and keep animals and humans safe.

We support research and projects on wildlands and wildlife corridors that allow animals to migrate safely. Our work over time may include research and innovation, supporting organizations that identify potential sites for wildlife corridors, or land or waterway acquisitions to connect existing habitats.


Sustainability Grants