Funding: Health

The Webb Family Foundation began funding medical research in 2022. We hope our Foundation can improve the quality of life of those battling cancer and living with debilitating conditions. In 2022, our priority has been focused on HER2+/- breast cancer research and fertility preservation for young women newly diagnosed with cancer.

The Webb Family Foundation is no longer accepting LOIs for the 2023 docket. Please review our grant guidelines and check back with us in early 2024 if you qualify.

Shot of a young scientist using a microscope while conducting research in a laboratory


The Webb Family Foundation supports research, awareness, and prevention efforts to eliminate breast cancer, and funds organizations that provide compassionate care and hope for those undergoing debilitating medical conditions.

"We invest in disease prevention and cures, to help eradicate cancer and other debilitating conditions. When tragedy strikes, either through disease or disaster, we can help alleviate suffering."


Priority 1

We support breast cancer research, with an emphasis on eliminating triple positive HER2 cancer, and meeting the needs of those undergoing treatment and their caregivers.

We support innovative and emerging research; fertility services and access to those services for cancer patients; and young cancer patient networks, and peer and caregiver support groups.

Priority 2

We support research and organizations that serve patients of debilitating medical conditions and their families.

We support research and direct services for those undergoing conditions such as (and not limited to) hearing loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, E. coli, and other medical conditions identified by the Foundation.


Health Grants